Step 1: Find the Payburner Payment Gateway in Wordpress Plugins

Step 2: Click on Install Now

Step 3: Click on Activate

You should now see the plugin installed

Step 4: Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments

Find the Payburner gateway and click on Manage

Step 5: Setup

  • Click on Enable XRP Payments
  • Copy Paste the Payburner Button Id from the Paybutton Manager in your Payburner extension

  • Click on Save changes

Congratulations you are ready to start accepting XRP!

Step 6: Verify

Go into your site, add something to your cart, and then navigate to checkout.

You should see the Payburner section at the bottom.  

Note the following:

  • When a user clicks on the Pay Button the browser extension will automatically submit the payment.
  • You will not be able to make a payment yourself.  The XRP ledger does not allow sending payments to yourself.
  • The button will be enabled once all of the required fields have been filled.

When a user has succesfully made a payment.  You will see it in your WooCommerce orders.

Note the following:

  • If for any reason you wish to refund the payment, you can do so easily by copying the `paybutton_purchase_reference`, finding the Payment in your Pay Button Manager in your browser extension and clicking refund.