You've installed Payburner and you want to create an account.

Click on CREATE ACCOUNT.  You will see two options:

If you already have an XRP account, perhaps at a crypto exchange, select Fund a new account with an invitation code.  If you already have an invitation code, select Create a new account using an invitation code.  

You might be asking Why can't I create an account with an existing XRP address and secret ?  or How can I get an invitation code ?

So let's assume that you opt to fund a new account.  You will see the following:

Now your task is to send at least 21 XRP to that address and tag from any source you own, perhaps an exchange wallet.

When Payburner receives the payment, you will see the following (the invitation code will be displayed, but is blocked out here).  We strongly recommend taking a screenshot or writing down your invitation code at this point.  Should you your account creation fail at some point, create a payburner support ticket and provide us with the details of the transaction you made -- ideally the transaction hash, at a minimum the amount you sent and and the destination tag.  We will do our best to find the transaction and provide you with the lost invitation code.

Click NEXT.  You will be invited to create a password.  For information, this password is used to encrypt your secret information locally on your device.

click SUBMIT.  You will now be invited to setup your Payburner profile.

Follow the instructions and then click on CREATE PROFILE.  When the profile has been created, you will be invited to safe your account backup file.

Click on EXPORT ACCOUNT.  This step is critical.  Payburner can not recover your account without this file.  Copy paste this file to a safe place, perhaps an encrypted USB stick.

Next, click on IMPORT ACCOUNT

Click on SELECT and choose the file you just saved.  It will begin with payburner-credentials and end with .json

When the account has finished importing, this step is now complete.  Congratulations and thank you for joining Payburner!