Payburner requires an invitation code to create a new account.  Wondering why? Click here.  

If you wish to invite somebody to use Payburner, you can purchase one with XRP using the Invitations feature in your Payburner wallet, or purchase one from (see invitations at the top).  Note:  Occasionally you may find when using that you do not receive or that you lose your invitation.  If this happens, please contact us on Twitter (@Payburner) or through this support portal and we will get things straightened out.

To open the Invitations Manager, click on the menu icon in the upper right and then on Invitations.

Then click on the the + Profile icon to purchase a new invitation code.

You will see the invitation code purchase form.

Here you enter the number of invitations you wish and if you wish Multi Use Codes.

  • You will be charged 21 XRP for each invitation code.
  • If you leave Multi Use Codes off (by default), you will receive a separate invitation code for the number you have requested.  For example, if you enter 4, you will receive 4 codes, be charged 84 XRP, each with 1 use.
  • If you switch Multi Use Codes on, you will receive a single invitation code that has multiple uses.  For example, if you enter 4, you will receive 1 code, be charged 84 XRP, which can be used 4 times.

Click PURCHASE to initiate the purchase.  When the transaction is complete the form will disappear.  You may need to click on the refresh icon for your purchased invitation code to appear.

Click on the code to copy it to your clipboard for copy/paste and then transmit it to the person you would like to invite to Payburner.

For each code, you will see the number of remaining uses and a status.  When there are no more USES_REMAINING, the invitation code will disappear.  You can assume that it has been used at this point.