Payburner Social Connections allows you to link online and offline identities, such as your Twitter account, to your Payburner wallet.  This feature will allow you to do really cool things including looking up Payburner users by their linked social identities and sending XRP to them through Tweeting (new feature coming up).

To get started, open up the Social Connections page on your Payburner Wallet.  

The click on the Plus sign and select Twitter.

Your Payburner Wallet will open up a page on the browser asking you to sign into Twitter.  

If you successfully sign in to Twitter or if you are already signed in, you will be redirected to the following page which performs the linking:

When you see this, your Twitter account is not connected!  You can see the connection by re-opening your Payburner extension and opening up the Social Connections manager.  You will see the new Twitter social connection.  Note that it is marked Not Indexed.  This means other Payburner users cannot yet find you by your Twitter screen name.

To add your Twitter screen name to the search index, click on the three dots to the right of the social connection, and then select Index.

When the indexing is complete, you will see the Twitter bird go green!  Congratulations, you are now searchable by your Twitter screen name!

To verify, go to Network, and perform a search of your Twitter Screen name.  Then click on the record.